Enigma Seven

Here are some of the key services we provide via your own Personal Intelligence Advisor (PIA): 

Cyber and Fibre Optics Monitoring

  • Assess a client’s online activities to protect their reputation and security
  • Provide strategies to minimise identified risks

Intelligence Protection and Restoration  

  • Conduct digital forensics on computers and mobile phones to secure protect and restore essential data

Information Assurance

  • Provide appropriate bespoke security measures to protect data intelligence. The value of personal and corporate data is often of equal importance to physical assets. It is increasingly vulnerable to attack through technical surveillance (‘bugging and ‘hacking’)
  • Conduct physical and technical scans and search surveys to detect and identify anomalies suggestive of a technical surveillance threat
  • Protecting sensitive medical data

Private Office Review

  • Conduct a review of a family’s wealth administration by assessing a comprehensive range of factors including whether there are appropriate checks and advisors in place. We activate a threat model exercise identifying the breaches in a client’s security circles. These includes family members friends staff business contacts cyber security and communications and assets and equity

Enhanced due Diligence

  • Provide enhanced in depth background checks and due diligence. We take profiling and vetting to the highest level  

Training and Awareness

  • Provide training and education for key staff and family members in anti and counter-surveillance awareness and assisting the above to take a more proactive stance to communication and data protection

Team Enigma Seven

Director of Operations - Glenn Mulcaire

Enigma Seven is Glenn Mulcaire!

Glenn is arguably the most talented 'poacher turned gamekeeper' when it comes to recognising security vulnerabilities in individuals and organisations.

With his unique insider knowledge he is able to advise and implement measures to strengthen your security and deter attacks.