Why Enigma Seven?

There is no such thing as absolute cyber security. We live in an online world. It is impossible to avoid divulging information about you and your life, and bank accounts if you want to be paid, book a flight, shop online, insure your home or a car, or need medical help.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be an easy target

How We Work

Enigma Seven only 'works with the best for the best' to enable you to take control of your life and data to deter unwanted intrusions and cyber attacks.

By becoming an elite member of Enigma Seven we help you;


Protect personal data including financial and medical records, review all security protocols and report any potential weakness


Ensure your children are safe online and aren’t vulnerable to attacks and surveillance


Minimise the effects of an attack by being contactable 24/7


Be aware of unusual online activity and surveillance


Guard against identify theft

Enigma Seven is Glenn Mulcaire

Glenn is arguably the most experienced 'poacher turned gamekeeper' when it comes to recognising security vulnerabilities in individuals and organisations.
With his unique insider knowledge he is able to advise and implement measures to strengthen your security and deter attacks.

Glenn is Co-Author of the highly acclaimed book The News Machine